Writers-in-Residence Excerpts of Work

A Celtic Blessing
(On the occasion of the wedding of Kathleen to Timothy Sean)

Bless to you the way under your feet.
Bless to you the hope in your swelling hearts.
Bless to you the love spilling from your soul-charged eyes.

May you be able to hear each other in the soft rustle of your fears.

May you be balm to each other’s brokenness.

May you be to each other in anxious moments the tree’s shade
in the heat of the day.

May you be a fruitful branch on the tree of life –
burgeoning with vitality and bountiful grace.

May the branches of your being
bridge the gap between you –
but may you not lean too heavily
on each other – bending your true shape.

May your joys be as plentiful as the grass and sorrows drop sparsely
to flow swiftly away.

May you have courage to dare and wisdom to seize your chances
which fade like the colours of Spring.

In the hushed stillness of your souls, may you build your place of peace.
May you be full in your living;
May you be deep in your thinking
May you be endless in your loving
And may the Creator-God keep you in the eye of his compassion forever.

James J. Lafferty
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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