"The Art of Seeing: Mindfulness in Photography," a Photography Workshop

Katja Liedle

Retreat Leader: Katja Liedle
Arrival: 2nd September 2017
Departure: 9th September 2017

Photography sometimes can have the effect of removing one from really experiencing nature. Taking a photograph may mean just taking a snapshot -- been there, seen that -- and trying to reconstruct the experience while watching the photographs back home. However, photography can also be a way to experience our surroundings in a more profound manner, especially when mindfulness becomes part of the photographic process. Also, mindfulness can be seen as a key ingredient of a good photograph.

In this workshop, we want to address the issues of really observing what we see and experience and use this to make better photographs and at the same time to experience an intimate connection with the natural phenomena that surround us. It is photography as a creative art form and as a means of contemplation and maybe even mediation at the same time. We will also talk about composition and the factors that make a photograph a good one like perspective, balance, contrast, forms and colours, but also elements of surprise and challenges to the way we generally look at things.

Exploring the wild and beautiful countryside and seascapes of the Beara Peninsula, we will put this into action and work on photographic themes like water, sand, rock, landscape and flowers with an approach that includes practices of mindfulness. The focus will be on close-up shots, details and structures but also some landscape photography. You will be able explore more closely your own way of looking at things and expressing yourself while at the same time experiencing a close connection to nature that is thoroughly yours.

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