"The Art of the Short Story -- In Its Many Guises" a Short Fiction Writing Workshop

vanessa gebbie

Retreat Leader: Vanessa Gebbie
Arrival: 9th September 2017
Departure: 16th September 2017

Short fiction is such an exciting beast -- challenging, shape-shifting, difficult to get right, hugely satisfying to try, so rewarding when you do. This creative writing course led by short fiction writer, novelist and poet Vanessa Gebbie is a great way to focus on the craft underpinning so much successful fiction.

Vanessa, author of The Coward's Tale, has won awards for both fiction and poetry including a Bridport Prize for short fiction and the International Troubadour Poetry Prize. Vanessa puts her writing first and is selective about her teaching work. A long-term alumna of Anam Cara herself, she loves running workshops here. “Something happens to writers at Anam Cara,” she says. “A little bit of magic? Who knows?!”

The course will bring together like-minded writers in pursuit of answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is a short story and what isn’t?
  • What are a short story’s components -- what makes it work?
  • What are the common pitfalls? How can we avoid them?
  • What are the tricks of the trade?  How can writers produce them successfully, better, and better again?
  • How can writers be original and surprising, as well as competent, to make their work stand out in the slush pile or competition entry pile? 

Activities will include analysis of excellent published works, debating craft issues, and looking at opportunities regarding the short-story market and short story competitions.

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