Writers-in-Residence Comments

Coming to Anam Cara was my way of marking a major shift in my life, having had a tough year that had brought me to the decision to leave teaching and follow my bliss — a mixture of songwriting, singing, storytelling and writing. I deliberately booked my time to span the date when my colleagues would be returning to work ... and gave myself permission to relax.

It turned out to be the best present I could have given myself. As soon as I arrived and met Sue, I knew it would be a good experience, but as the days went past it became better and better. Such a sense of coming home, when I explored Beara, such a feeling of belonging, such a feeling of the land reaching out to embrace me.

It was so difficult to leave when my time was up. I'll be back, that much is for sure. Next summer definitely, and earlier if I can manage it.

What is extraordinary is that I realised afterwards that my decision to book and go to Anam Cara initially had been based on a series of coincidences rather than anything more concrete. My intuition knew where I was supposed to be way before the rest of me caught up with it!

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