Writers-in-Residence Comments

I didn't think I was qualified to come! No canvas or manuscript in process, my life is really the project I was working on when I visited — reclaiming it, making my way back from Doing to Being, reconnecting with my values. The trip to Ireland was my first vacation in a long time and I had no expectations. I guess that's when an experience can sometimes be the most profound.

I had read a tiny bit about Anam Cara and just had an intuition that I needed to go there. And when I arrived, it felt like Home. Inspiration, comfort, safety, welcome, nurturing warmth. The setting is inspiring, the place emanates healing and life force. And I was deeply moved by how you [Sue] brought your vision and intention to a reality —it's a gift to yourself and to others. You are a good model at this time in my life!

And so, with lasting memories, poetic images, strong brush strokes and musical motifs from my stay at Anam Cara, my own work of art continues.

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