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Anam Cara Retreat Testimonials

Nessa Mahony - Ireland

Where the soul can rest easy: Anam Cara offered a wonderful respite from the ongoing lunacy of life. There’s an atmosphere of serenity that takes hold of you as soon as you enter the place... a sense of peacefulness you feel as you are greeted and made feel at home.

Shane Joseph - Canada

I was free to write. And write I did, enforcing a gruelling (for me) five-hour schedule per day. The company at mealtimes was stimulating: the cook was a short story writer, another member of the Anam Cara team belonged to a local writers’ group, and artists of all kinds from the peninsula came occasionally to call. It was indeed a great place to write in, a place where a writer could belong instead of being on the periphery.

Constance Wagner - USA

I came to Anam Cara and took a piece of it away with me in my heart. It is a unique haven and creates a welcoming space for creative endeavor. In Ireland, a land that has so many sacred sites, Anam Cara is one more. It embodies tranquility and spirituality and a resonance with the inner spirit. Part of it is the land -- and part of it is from Sue. What a wonderful commitment to others you have made! I have always said that art is the song of the soul -- and you -- and all of Anam Cara -- sing it well!

P.A. Gosling - The Netherlands

I am still trying to process my feelings after spending such a wonderful week at Anam Cara surrounded by such warm, loving and supportive people. I feel in many ways profoundly changed and am trying to hold onto that feeling of peace now that I have been plunged again back into my hectic life.

Sassa Buregren - Sweden

I´m trying to hold on to that peace and creativity and concentration I felt at Anam Cara and in the magic ravine. I´m really eager to continue what I started. I think it´s a perfectly balanced mix of good things you have gathered at Anam Cara, Sue: the warm and friendly athmosphere, both cheerful and serious, lots of good food, lots of laughs, respect, openness to thoughts, support, discipline, the artistic Anam Cara support team, the ducks... And in such a beautiful landscape! It made me take my own creative work seriously; I needed that.